Dont Squeeze the RET


No doubt you are aware that the review of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) has now been announced. We are inviting you to get involved because there is a significant risk that the RET could be wound back or worse, axed altogether. The Government, incumbents and media are attacking every day. This is very real.

Through the RET, the SRES scheme currently provides a discount of around 20-30%  off the price of solar systems up to 100kW and is virtually the only remaining solar support mechanism left. If you want your solar business to continue to benefit from this support, it is essential that you act now. Your personal action can help save the RET.

The great news is that for a limited time, SolarJuice customers can receive advice and support in this vital activity. We’re calling it the “Don’t Squeeze the RET” program.

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Here’s how we will help you:

Fact Pack

With leading industry analysts SolarBusinessServices, we have developed a simple guide on what you can personally do to help save the RET. It includes a step by step guide and importantly, a set of key facts to educate important decision makers and bust the myths. Personal action is vitally important and really powerful on campaigns like this.


We know that time is money. Visiting politicians, emailing your databases and using social media all have a cost – so SolarJuice are stepping up to the plate. For a limited time, SolarJuice customers can access support to help save the RET.

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